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The Nine-Way Test for Retirement Advisors

Have you ever wondered what you should really expect from your financial advisor?


If you are fifty or older and have $500,000 or more in retirement, investment and savings assets, we believe your advisor should be willing to:


1. Understand you and your family.


2. Develop a written strategy tailored to your situation. This strategy should be updated annually.


3. Offer to meet with you twice a year to review your investments, strategies, and income.


4. Mathematically stress test your plans against things that could happen in the future and present you with the findings.


5. Periodically review your wills, powers of attorney, health care directives, account registrations, and beneficiary designations.


6. Maintain an expertise in the issues surrounding retirement.


7. Be committed to lifetime learning and continuous improvement.


8. Communicate with you in clear language you can understand.


9. Offer a money back guarantee of advisory fees to new clients.


If your advisor passed the Nine-Way Test, and you are happy with your results, that’s great! If the service you are provided is lacking, maybe it’s time for a second opinion.

We offer a no charge, no obligation financial analysis. We’ll review your key documents, check each investment, and conduct a stress test of over 1,000 market scenarios that you could face during retirement.

We hope to show you ways to improve and grow your cash income. And give you a strategy to manage the risks you face (like inflation). We’ll also provide an unbiased calculation that shows how much you should be able to safely spend in each year of your retirement.

The analysis is detailed and comprehensive, and it’s free for you.

When the process is complete we’ll even give you a $100 gift certificate to Ruth’s Chris Steak House.

Some of those who take advantage of this offer become clients of our firm. But often we serve to validate the strategies already in place with perhaps a few suggestions. The process and offer are designed for those age 50 and up who have retirement assets of $500,000 and over (including 401k’s IRA’s, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, annuities, and bank accounts).

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