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Our Pledge To You

New Client Pledge

After working with us for one year, if you decide that you do not wish to continue the relationship, we will refund you all advisory fees paid to us. (You should refer to your contract for specifics regarding this refund.)

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How Do We Compare?

“We believe every client we serve deserves our best.”

Christopher Lee, Director of Financial Planning


We will keep your written plan, if applicable, updated as needed and offer to review it with you at least once a year.


During business hours, your calls will NORMALLY be answered by a knowledgeable member of our team… no automated attendant, no call center, no phone trees and generally no voicemail. After hours, you may call us 24/7 on our cell phones.


We will try never to keep you waiting. All scheduled meetings will begin on time whenever possible.


If you email us with a request before 3pm you will get a response that day except in extreme situations.



The funds we manage on your behalf will be held with Charles Schwab, America’s largest institutional custodian. You will have access to your account information directly from Schwab both by phone and online 24/7.



If you have questions or an issue that needs addressing, we will get you an answer promptly. If we do not know your answer, we will help you find someone that does.


Your Team

“Serving clients is not our main mission… It’s our only mission.”

– Commonwealth Retirement Advisors

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