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In 1983, James Drake founded the practice we now know as Commonwealth Retirement Advisors. He specialized in retirement planning for public employees. In 2001, Ryan Drake joined his father to expand the financial planning capabilities of the practice. In 2011, David Monday joined the practice having retired as a senior executive at one of America’s largest investment firms. In 2017, Commonwealth Retirement Investments LLC, a Richmond based investment firm was formed. Today we are focused on helping those in and near retirement grow their income and preserve their nest egg.

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Our Business Is Retirement

We are a Richmond headquartered advisory firm focused exclusively on those in and planning for retirement.  As retirement specialists, we work to help our clients make wise retirement decisions, and then, grow and protect their retirement income.

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Retirement Focused

A Word From Our President

“Today, retirement can last 30 years or more. You worked hard to retire. We work hard to keep you retired.”

– Ryan P. Drake


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